Posting Photos

The easiest way to post one or more photos to your Posthaven blog is to drop the photos into an email message and email them to your website. The subject line in your email message becomes the title of the post and you can include text above and/or below each image to describe them.

Things change a bit when you post photos using the site editor. Click the big green Upload Media button and select the photo file you wish to upload and add to your post. You aren't limited to just one photo.

Storytellers Studio at NFGC

A look at the Storytellers Studio at this year’s North Florida Genealogy Conference. I really enjoyed talking to the attendees who stopped by. Hopefully, they will take some of our ideas and use them to develop projects to develop future generations of family historians.

Denise Olson * Moultrie Creek

Mobile Posting

I have tried several text editor apps to see if they will work as a way to post to my Posthaven blogs, but each one wants to email the text as an attachment rather than message content. 


You also have to watch emailing photos from some of the editing apps. Some are sent as attachments rather than photos and won't appear in either the email subscribers receive or on the actual post.

Experiments continue.