Posthaven opens to public beta

Great news! This just arrived in my mailbox:
Posterous users finally have a zero-data-loss option for switching to another blog platform. Read the Posterous Migration Guide to see how Posthaven stacks up against Wordpress, Tumblr, and Squarespace options. We've imported over 850,000 posts, photos, videos, audio files, and documents in just the past few weeks. 
 You now have full access to Posthaven and can import your existing Posterous blogs, create new blogs, create new posts using the web post editor. 
 Go to your Posthaven Dashboard to get started 
To keep on top of the latest feature updates, we recommend following @posthaven on Twitter. This project is under active development. 
Please feel free to email us at if you have questions, feedback, or anything we can help with. 
Yours faithfully in code, 
-- Garry and Brett 

Posthaven Rises

Posthaven - the new alternative to the soon-to-be-shuttered Posterous platform - is quickly becoming a reality. I was lucky to get included as a tester and my Creekside Chatter blog has now been migrated to Posthaven. For several days, all I could do was look at my posts and enjoy how well the migration went. This morning I discover that I can now actually add and edit posts from the blog platform. The editor is still quite basic - there's no facility for including photos or other media yet - but the editing toolbar has a much cleaner look. Creekside Chatter on Posthaven The public side of the blog is quite basic - no themes yet. Most of the formatting is CSS defaults giving the site a simple, clean look. There's still a lot of work needed before Posthaven has all the features and functionality of Posterous, but I'm delighted with the progress and look forward to enjoying one of my favorite blog platforms without worrying about it's future.